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What Will You Choose?

It’s been a while since I’ve posted on my blog and to be honest, I’ve missed it. A lot of life has

been happening during my short time away. I’ve had time to reflect on what’s next and where I

want to go, what I want to do and how I want to do it. During this time of self-discovery, I have

run through the gamut of emotions: fear, frustration, anger, sadness and happiness. For a while, I felt like I sat in the space of anger, frustration and fear. Anger that I am not where I want to be

in life, frustration in the supposed inability to “make it happen” and fear of ever really achieving

it. Yes my readers, I have fears. The good thing is that I am comfortable talking about


I went home, to Detroit, for two weeks for the Holidays. While there, I visited several local

shops that I follow on Instagram. One in particular, The Natural Market, was high on my list.

From their Instagram page, this shop sells natural soaps, jewelry, candles, etc. When I went to

visit the store, I had the pleasure of meeting owner, Victoria Roby. She was very warm,

welcoming and real…just my kinda person!

While perusing her offerings, I noticed a section with bracelets. For those who know me, I love

eclectic jewelry. The bracelet pictured above completely caught my attention with the charm

that said, “Choose Happy”. While this is a simple phrase or cliché statement, it is completely

true. We must all choose happy or choose to be happy.

During my time of anger, frustration and fear, I lost joy and happiness. My focus became less

about seeing the good things in my life and that are happening and more about everything that I

was unsure of, wasn’t receiving or felt slipping through my hands. I felt like I was just existing

but not living. When I saw this bracelet, it resonated with me about my perspective. Instead of

choosing to focus on the bad, I am choosing to be happy by focusing on the things that are good

or appear to be going my way. Even in situations where it doesn’t work out how I’d prefer, I still

choose to be happy about what will come next.

Now, I don’t want to give the appearance as if this is something that just happens over night

because it’s not. It involves a choice…in fact it involves several choices and a lot of

consistency. It requires daily reminders of choosing to be happy in spite of everything that is

happening or not happening. It requires making the choice to be happy even when we feel

denied. It requires making the choice to be happy even when we feel rejected or receive

unwelcomed news. By now, I think you get the point…it requires us all to make a choice.

So my next question is, “What will you choose?” My hope is that you choose to see happiness

and joy because we all know there are many examples of the exact opposite occurring on a daily basis. If we choose happy, we choose to change our perspective. Just my thoughts…

If you’re ever in Detroit, I encourage you to check out The Natural Market located at 19556

Grand River. It’s a great place with a community feel.

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