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Stressed Woman

Available Services

Individual Therapy

The sessions give you a chance to get added support from the therapist with a one-on-one setting.  Providing a safe space for you to problem solve areas of concern. At Agape Healing and Wellness Center we utilize different methods and theories that help achieve your goals. 

Marriage Therapy

Need help in understanding your relationship, then these sessions assist with exploring the root of marital discord and creating goals beneficial for the relationship. It will be centered around finding vulnerability and expressing changes in a healthy way, and discussing joint concerns and working through them with both parties on the solution. 


 Darnita offers consulting services to corporate and small business leaders in understanding employee culture, creating equitable company culture, training in emotional intelligence as well as tailored programs that are company specific.

Couples Therapy

This process allows couples of all orientations the ability to work toward common goals. These sessions will provide the opportunity to work through differences and build or improve communication skills. 

Family Therapy

Want to strengthen family bonds? Family sessions will focus on getting to the root cause of family issues. Learning how to re-structure the family foundation, discussing emotional triggers, and expressing genuine feelings in a healthy way to create a cohesive family unit where each person feels seen and heard. 

Public Speaking

Darnita offers public speaking services to corporations, small businesses, churches and other groups.


Congratulations on taking the next step in your relationship to join together in the commitment of marriage. Embarking upon Pre-Marital counseling can assist in understanding and building upon your strengths and exposing your opportunities for growth in defining a healthy marriage by both parties in the relationship. These sessions involve exploring finances, communication, pre-conceived ideas of marriage, roles in marriage etc

AAMFT Supervisory Candidate

Darnita is currently accepting new supervisees who are licensed marriage and family therapy associates in the state of North Carolina.  She will soon be offering supervision in Texas as well.

Christian Counseling

Therapy provided from a Biblical faith based orientation

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