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It’s ok to celebrate you!!!

To close out #BlackHistoryMonth and in continuation of celebrating people I know, today’s celebration is of myself!! No I’m not being egotistical or self centered by doing so. Instead I choose to celebrate the  personal accomplishments I’ve been able to achieve and the obstacles I was able to beat through the grace of God to make said achievements. As a Black woman who has been through many things with the scars of PTSD, anxiety, depression, low self esteem and feelings of abandonment and rejection to prove it, God used all of those experiences for my good. He has blessed me with a thriving business, Agape Healing and Wellness Center, PLLC, with two locations, the ability to earn three degrees and counting, blessed me with support, love and encouragement from some of the least likely people, genuine friendships and connections, and many other GREAT blessings!!

I was recently told that I present as always being so happy and I get many compliments about my smile. As I thank them, I sometimes also tell people I’ve fought for and earned my happiness and my smile because sometimes it was a facade to hide the tears that I was trying to hide. But not today!!! If I’m smiling it’s truly because it’s meant and I so grateful!!

To the little girl (me) who hated her smile and didn’t love herself who transformed into the woman who is poised with grace and strength for things to come who definitely now LOVES her smile and herself, you are a history maker and continue to blaze trails with Gods direction!!

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